7 MORE things you’ll only know if you’ve suffered with bulimia

1. Constipation

The C word. Vomiting and taking laxatives messes up your digestive system and causes you to feel bloated and have toilet trouble. When it comes to recovery, you’re body is dependent on it and the muscles can no long work alone. Hence the bulimia bloat. – I’ve cover the Bulimia Bloat a bit more in a few blogs so check em out.

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2. You’ll have no energy

Making yourself sick depletes your body of all those nutrients in the food you’ve just thrown into the toilet, which are vital for giving you the energy to get about your day.Making yourself sick is also a mentally and physically exhausting act in itself.I’ve never a tiredness like it, it’s not the same as being tired after a long day. You literally cant move, you’re a dead weight and it takes all the energy out of you just to roll over and lift up your phone.

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my friends make fun of me because i can fall asleep everywhere and anywhere.

3. You’ll be dehydrated AF

Throwing up rids your body of a lot of water and you’ll find that people with bulimia tend to have quite bad skin as a result, especially around the mouth and jaw – I know I do.

My bad skin around the jaw caused by dehydration

4. Heart palpitations

Making yourself sick puts a lot of pressure on your heart, causing heart palpitations and in some cases, heart attacks and even death.

I remember the first time a health professional told me I was at high risk of a heart attack. I was convinced she was just saying it as a scare tactic. I was told my blood pressure was dropping every time i stop up, i wasn’t allowed to do any exercise, or walk anywhere alone all because my heart and kidneys were failing. I didn’t care, i didn’t care if my internal organs were failing or if i died. No care in the world.

I’m still suffering with long term side affect from what i’ve done to myself. but i look back now and recognise how much of a hold the ED had over me and how fatal it was.

5. The embarrassment

There’s an enormous amount of shame attached to an addiction to eating uncontrollably and then making yourself sick or taking laxatives numerous times a day. I think it is for this reason that it took me so long to get help for it. I need to fully admit it tomyself and get over the embaressment of talking about it first.

It’s not exactly the most sexiest of things, throwing up and shitting.

6. The comfort in knowing celebrities have suffered from it too

Many celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana and Demi Lovato suffered with bulimia too, which gives great comfort to someone suffering from such an isolating illness.And more recently, Freddie Flintoff who came out just this week in a BBC Documentary about his 20 year long battle with Bulimia. helping all men nationwide to feel more comfortable talking about it.

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7. That anxiety and depression often come with it

People with eating disorders tend to suffer with anxiety and depression and sometimes, these are what lead to the problems with food in the first place.

I almost sure that i’ve suffered with depression since the age of 13 but only started antidepressants this year after a suicide attempt. However, the anxiety attacks only stated around the same time as my ED. it’s almost as if they can’t live without each other.

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