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Like I’ve been saying, I’m nowhere near recovered. But I have started to find small things that help.

As you take on new responsibility, I think it’s common as an adult to loose sight of the things you love outside of your friends and family.

When I was younger I used to sail, do ballet, ride horses, draw, swim…. I did a ton. But at what point do a lot of adults stop having hobbies and start just having responsibilities instead?

After many sessions with different therapists,counsellors and doctors I was recommended to take up a few hobbies. Weather it be something completely new or something I could rediscover.

During lockdown I rediscovered my love for art. Mainly colouring and painting. I found it so therapeutic. A way to really shut off my brain and go somewhere else. I realised that when I’m doing something as brainless as watching TV, I’m still thinking and not full shutting off and relaxing. But when I’m painting I go somewhere completely different. I tend to listen to podcasts when doing so also which I find really helps.

It’s also been proven that expressing yourself creatively can help shift your thought process and feeling towards what your going through.

After lockdown I went to stay with my dad for a while to take part in a sailing regatta at my old yacht club. I hadn’t sailed in 4 years. But it felt so good to get back out onto the water. There’s no other feeling quite like it & id forgotten how much I missed racing.

When I was at the yacht club, it must’ve been the first time in about 7 years where I didn’t care about what anyone else thought about me. I didn’t even care what I looked like. Most days I had no make up on, salt water hair, shorts and an old T-shirt & there had been no time to purge but I didn’t care. It hadn’t even crossed my mind

The people there are so friendly, don’t give two hoots what they look like (in the kindest was possible) and are there for one thing and one thing only…. to win the race.

It was the best feeling ever & id forgotten that it was even possible to not care what others thought about me. I think living in a city doesn’t help where the whole “social media” lifestyle is very heightened! The amount of times I hear people say (myself included) ‘is it instagramable’ or ‘wait, can you take a picture of me like this for the gram

I’m back in Manchester now and there’s nothing sailing wise around here (I don’t drive) . But there are water sports centres so I’m thinking about taking up paddle boarding or kayaking? Not sure yet but gotta wait for covid to be out of the way first anyway…

I’m in no position to offer help to anyone by any means. But this is one of the biggest things that has helped me so far and something I’d definitely recommend.

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