Burn Baby Burn

Every since I develop an eating disorder I’ve always wondered how many others have this issue…..

As I am a laxative addict and tend not to make myself throw up that often. It causes huge amount of stomach pains every single night (imagine period cramps but to the point where you really can’t move).

Over time my body has relied more and more on laxatives for my bowels to work properly with means taking even more drugs. This resulting in even more pain.

My wait in coping with this was by using a hot water bottle….. everywhere, uni,the office,bed, transport!

It does help. But what I didn’t realise was that there’s such a thing as ‘toasted skin syndrome’! It’s caused my excess heat, in this case hot water bottles but you can also get it from your laptop being on your legs for to long or on your back and bum from heated car seats….

Disclaimer: this is from six years of hot water bottle use age nearly every night.

For the past 3 months now I’ve managed to “quit” hot water bottles unless I’m genuinely cold. And they have got slightly lighter and faded. Unfortunately, I think the bottom part may be there forever

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone else who has/had this or anyone who has any tips to help it fade?

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