7 Things People Say About Eating Disorders That You “Can’t Even”

There’s a lot of people who just cant get their heads around eating disorder, or even mental health as a whole for that mater. And that’s fine. But if that’s you, maybe, just maybe, you should keep your opinions hush hush….. we know you think you’re helping but you’re actually quite triggering.

1. (Said while eating a meal) “It’s such a relief to see you eating again…. (pause)… You look so healthy.”

*Clammers Fork onto Plate*….…Never eats again.

2. “Was it the media? IT WAS THE MEDIA.  Don’t believe the media – they’re airbrushed you know?! Those models aren’t even real.” 

… Yes thank you, we too know about FaceTune.

3. (Forced smile) “I’d really appreciate if you’d finish {insert food}.”

…And I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t speak to me like I’m in a straight-jacket, but good talk.

4. “Oh God, I’m so glad we’re past the eating disorder phase. You were so difficult then.” 

Oh, was it hard for you?

5. “It’s so selfish of you to do this. I don’t understand why you’re doing it.”

You’re right. I’m sorry, i forgot i’d chosen to hate my body, starve myself, binge and then throw it back up again.

6. “I like you with some meat on your bones, when you got a little junk in your trunk.”.

BUUUUTTTT ya’ll say i look good when i’ve lost some weight?

And last but not least:

7. “OMG, I couldn’t even tell you had an eating disorder.”

office gif
*Eye roll*

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